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PEX Europe - key insights

We have had a fabulous time at the European Process Excellence Conference held in Amsterdam this year. We met many extraordinary people, who, like us are focused on the delivery of process excellence and enhanced customer outcomes.

There were three key messages that came out of the conference:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a key focus for many organizations and there were many presentations and experts from this field who shared key insights and tips when applying this approach

  • The customer is everything. It remains true that in this world of digital transformation, it is still very much the case that the customer is king and that all process excellence activities must be focused on customer outcomes to remain relevent and to deliver true value.

  • The fundamentals of process excellence remain true - eliminate waste, enhance process flow, simplify processes and understand the process value based on customer needs are all critical. In some ways even more so as technology has the potential to digitize a bad process and not therefore enhance the customer experience.

Basically: Understand the customer, enhance process efficiencies, digitize where is makes sense.

It was also apparent that Europe is driving ahead of Australia in terms of execution and delivery of process excellence. There is a significant push for innovation and process excellence within organizations here that we need to learn from. The size and scale of operations in Europe are huge - as one presenter shared with us: “we are a small family owned business of only 53,000 people”.

Next time - key insights on Robotic Process Automation. The do’s and do not’s from those organizations that have moved ahead and paved the way for the rest of us!

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