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Leadership is still the key element in successful change

Robotics, BPM, The future of Change Management. Its been an interesting week for me first attending the Future of Change think tank in Melbourne and then the PEX RPA Live event on robotics. It has lead me to reflect on the pace of change and what does it mean for the way change will occur in the future.

Having been involved in significant change initiatives my whole career, my reflection on the type of change and the pace of change that we are experiencing is that whilst change today is rapid and continues to accelerate the fundamentals of change are still the same.

People are still people and whilst today they operate in a rapidly changing environment with new technologies emerging, they still all go through the same change cycle and models like the Prosci ADKAR model are still relevant today to ensure successful change.

To me the key success factor in successful change is change leadership and how leaders respond to and lead their teams through change. Despite the constantly changing environment that most leaders operate in, the capability to lead through change is not a skill many naturally leaders have.

When we work with teams on any change initiative, we spend significant amount of time upfront working with leaders to build their change leadership capability. This upfront investment, whilst often challenged, always results in a better outcome when the change is deployed as leaders become aware of what is required from them to guide the change through.

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