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Welcome to the new IQuium Insights

Welcome! We've been on this journey for over 7 months now and thought that it was time to start sharing what we have learnt and what we are seeing with you all.

We can both say that starting up our own company has been a great decision and we are both very much enjoying the experience.

As we have worked with so many amazing people, it is very apparent that everyone has an appetite to improve their business - either through better service, reduced costs or increased revenue. What we have seen though is that the application of productivity tools is not yet seen as an obvious way to achieve these goals! Many people are looking to technology as the quick-fix, and overlook that there are many ways to improve their business by simplifying, eliminating waste, reducing effort and streamlining how work is done.

Over the coming months we want to share with you our thoughts and experiences on this to hopefully give you ideas and a pathway to improved business outcomes.

If you have something specific you want us to talk about, send us a note via our contacts page and we can add this into the conversation.

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